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Served medium rare, medium or medium-well

Flat iron - 19

Flat iron, prawns - 24


Vegan flat iron (VG) - 19

Choose side

Pangritata portobello (VG)

Truffle Mac n Cheese (V)

Miso glazed carrots (VG)

Butternut squash salad (V*)

Choose fries

Rosemary salt fries (VG, LG)

Parmesan truffle fries (V, LG)


Peppercorn - 2

Garlic butter (V) - 2

Chimichurri (VG) - 2


Coconut panna cotta (V/VG*) - 4.95

Biscuit crumb, passionfruit sorbet

Sticky toffee pudding (V) - 4.95

Candied Walnuts, vanilla ice cream


served SATURDAYS 10-1

Hot breakfast, continental bar & juice - 17.5

Kid's hot breakfast, continental bar & juice - 9

The hot breakfast

Served straight from the hot kitchen pass to you, choose the items to make your dream hot breakfast plate.

8 items for adults | 4 for kids

Cumberland sausage

Italian sausage

Smoked Streaky Bacon

Fried Egg

Homemade hash brown

Potrobello Mushroom

Roasted Cherry Tomato

Quorn Sausages

Fried halloumi Sticks

Baked Beans

The hot breakfast

Yoghurt | Granola | Compote | Nuts | Seeds

Rise Bakehouse Focaccia | Butter | Jam | Nutella

Seasonal Fruit Platter

Freshly Baked Pastries | Chocolate | Pistachio

Juices - 3

one free with each menu bought

Smooth orange | Cloudy apple | Pineapple | Cranberry

Hot Drinks - 3

+ £2 with each menu bought

Decaf | Oat milk | Coconut milk free

Espresso – 3

Americano – 3

Latte – 3

Cappuccino – 3

Breakfast tea – 3

small plates

Focaccia (V/VG) - 3.50

Red onion butter | olive oil & balsamic

Halloumi fries (V, LG) - 5.7

Aioli, pomegranate seeds

Curried cauliflower bombs (VG) - 4.75

Mint raita, mango sauce

Honey mustard glazed sausages (LG) - 5.5

Apple & rum dipping pot

Korean chicken strips - 5.5

BBQ glaze, sesame

Pangritata portobello (VG) - 4.5

Garlic & lemon breadcrumb

King prawns (LG) - 6

Chilli & lemon butter

Truffle Mac n Cheese (V) - 5.5

Miso glazed carrots (VG) - 4.5

Butternut squash salad (V*) - 4.75

Butternut squash, feta, walnuts, pickled red onion, greens in caper & sage dressing. *VG available

Rosemary salt fries (VG, LG) - 3.7

Parmesan truffle fries (V, LG) - 4.5

A 10%, discretionary service charge may be added to your bill.



Pimm's Slushy - 8

A Pimm’s like you’ve never had before…

Pornstar Martini - 8

Vanilla vodka, passionfruit syrup, pineapple juice, white peach puree, lemon and, our secret weapon, rhubarb liqueur… keeping it classic but bound to be the best pornstar martini you’ve ever tasted, served with a shot of prosecco

Mojito - 8

Havana 3yo rum muddled with brown sugar, lime & mint, topped with soda – a straight up classic mojito

Whisky Sour - 9

Bulleit bourbon, lemon, angostura bitters, simple syrup shaken with a foam top decorated with a bitter heart – a spirit forward classic

Bees & Honey - 8

House gin, honey syrup, a squeeze of lemon & orange shaken into a flute, a refreshing classic cocktail with a stick of dried smoking lavender

Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri- 7.5

White rum, strawberry syrup & lime poured from our frozen-ice machine, it doesn’t matter the weather it’s always time for a frozen daiq!

Smokey Wisconsin - 9

Muddled orange slices, glazed cherries, angostura bitters & simple syrup, with Hennessy & a dash of soda – served in wisps of smoke

Vault Vortex - 9

Caitlin dares you to try our take on a long island with a mixture of dark rum, spiced rum, white rum & mango rum layered with lemon juice & coca cola

Dragon Skull - 8.5

Created by our Callie, this skull is filled with 2 shots of mango rum mixed with dragonfruit syrup, apple juice, lime and topped with lemonade

Pink Petal - 8.5

Rosa gin, house gin, grapefruit syrup, lemon, honey syrup & soda shaken to give a foamy top with a delicate dusting of dried raspberry

Liquid Gold - 9

Tequila reposado with lime, apple & honey in a coupe, Don’s gold creation that even goes pop…

Spicy Margarita - 8

Tequila, triple sec, lime & simple syrup served over muddled jalapeños & ice in a tumbler lined with spiced chilli salt

White Chocolate Martini - 8

Vodka, double shot of espresso, simple syrup and a shot of Creme de Cacao Blanc, to give a hint of white chocolate, served in a white chocolate coated coupe… the perfect post-dinner pick me up!

Floral Twist - 7.75

House gin, grapefruit, topped with Franklin & Sons rhubarb & hibiscus tonic

The Fresh - 7.75

House gin, simple syrup, lime, mint, topped with Franklin & Sons ginger ale


Spiced Mint Fizz - 4.95

0% spiced rum, simple syrup, lime, mint, soda

Sparkling Peach - 4.95

White peach, 0% sparkling wine

0% Sparkling Wine - 3.95

Passion Punch - 4.95

Passionfruit, orange, lime, lemonade

Thatchers 500ml - 5.5

Corona 330ml - 4.5


Sunday roast

served 12 -5

a toast

Gin & Tonic - 6

0% peach fizz - 4.95

break bread

Focaccia (V/VG) - 3.50

Red onion butter | olive oil & balsamic

the roast

All roasts are served with crispy roast potatoes, maple & balsamic roasted carrots & parsnips, savoy cabbage & tenderstem in caraway butter, and 3 day stock reduction gravy


Chicken ballotine - 17.45

Yorkshire pudding filled with slow roasted pulled pork & sprinkled with fried stuffing

Slow braised beef chuck - 18.45

Yorkshire pudding filled with slow roast mustard brisket & a layer of parsnip crisps

Onion tart (V*/VG) - 17.45

Yorkshire pudding filled with sage stuffing* & a heap of crispy onions

Children's portion - 8.95

Any of our roasts made mini

in the middle

Truffle cauliflower cheese (V) - 4

Pigs in blankets - 4

One of each - 6.95


Coconut panna cotta (V/VG*) - 4.95

Vanilla soft serve, crushed biscuits

Sticky toffee pudding (V) - 4.95

Candied Walnuts, vanilla ice cream

Please note – we are unable to serve our Sunday roasts to takeaway.

A 10%, discretionary service charge may be added to your bill.